Announcement 通告

S1 Discretionary Place Interview Postponed to 21/3/2020 (tentative)

The S1 Discretionary Place interview scheduled on 22/2 and 29/2/2020 will be postponed to 21/3/2020(Sat) if the EDB announces that classes can resume on 16/3/2020.  Based on the applicants’ academic and ECA performance, the school will select around 240 applicants to attend the interview. We regret that not all applicants will be invited due to the lack of time. Please note that the second interview originally scheduled on 14/3/2020 will be cancelled. If classes cannot be resumed on 16/3/2020, all interviews will be cancelled.


中一自行分配學位面試順延至2020321舉行 (暫定)