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Top World University and Scholarship Offers

Name and Year of Graduation


Programme / Major

Scholarship Obtained

Zeng Xiaohong (2023)

National University of Singapore

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours)

in Economics


Choi Yat Long (2022)

National University of Singapore

Quantitative Finance


Tong Kun Chi (2020)

London School of Economics

and Political Science

Bachelor of Laws


Pang Tak Fung (2019)

University of Cambridge

Doctoral Degree in History

Hughes Hall Cambridge

International Scholarship

Fong Ho Leung (2018)

University of Cambridge


Prince Philip Scholarship

Sham Chiu Yu (2017)

Imperial College London

Master of Engineering

in Civil Engineering

Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence

Chin Ho Yeung (2016)

University of Edinburgh

Master of Arts

in History and Politics

Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence

Kwan Man Kit (2014)

Harvard University


HSBC Overseas Scholarship

Lou Shing Bong (2012)

University of Oxford

Doctoral Degree

in Organic Chemistry

Croucher Scholarship

Lam Wing Yan (2012)

Peking University


Lee Shau Kee Scholarship

The Vinson Chu Charitable Foundation

University College London

Master of Law

Foundation Scholarship

Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme

– Fellowship Award

University of Hong Kong

Doctoral Degree

in Hong Kong Basic Law