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Students' Union

With high hopes of providing opportunities for students to learn to work independently and to serve their fellow schoolmates, the Students’ Union was established. An election day is held annually at the commencement of the new school year and the Students’ Union is elected based on the principle “one student one vote”. The Students’ Union organises academic, recreational and sport activities and offers services to Hoi Ping Students.



The Students’ Union this year organises a variety of activities including Stationery Sale, Harry Potter themed Day Camp, Christmas celebration, inter-class competitions, such as classroom board decoration competition, the dodgeball competition and other sports competitions. To raise students’ awareness and fulfil their responsibilities as a citizen, charity activity such as the casual wear day is organised to raise funds for charitable organisations. Besides, the Students’ Union also organises joint-school activities like the Joint-school Oral Practice, and the Ball Games competition.


Committee Members:


5DTam Tsz Wing, Anna

Internal Vice-President:

4AWu Lap Kan, Marcus

External Vice-President:

5BYung Ngai Tsun, Rodney


5DLin Wai Ming, Andy


5ACheng Yan Hei, Friedman

Recreation Secretary:

4CSo Chun Nga, Andy

Academic Secretary:

4DSuen Wai Ying, April

Sports Secretary:

4ENg Zi Qi, Nike

Welfare Secretary:

5AHui Chun Ho, Jimmy

Publication Secretary:

5EKuk Tai Lam, Michael




  • Trick or Treat
  • Cre&Appreciate
  • Teacher-student dodgeball competition
  • Stationary Sale
  • Inter-class dodgeball competition(Senior)


  • Christmas Party
    • Morning assembly Celebration
    • Interclass Dance Competition
    • Dance together
    • Grand Raffle Draw
    • Dress Casual Day
    • Blackboard Drawing Competition
  • Joint-school IQ question friendly competition
  • Oasis


- Surveys


  • Current affairs quiz competition
  • DSE Go Goal Grow
  • Stationary Sale
  • Inter-class dodgeball competition(Junior)


  • Current affairs debate competition
  • Fashion guru
  • Sports King Challenge
  • Midsummer Bazaar
  • Oasis
  • Second-hand textbooks market