Inter-School Athletics Competition 2016-2017

Date: 03/03/2017

Three days of highly competitive Inter-School Athletics Competition (Division One) this year ended with brilliant result. With a year of hard work, our athletes gave their best effort on the track and field, demonstrating their unyielding perseverance and determination. Despite being a co-educational school, both our Boys’ B grade and C grade got the 3rd runner-up prize and the 2nd runner-up prize respectively. And overall, our school was the 2nd runner-up in Division One with the total score of 240 points.

This outstanding result is undoubtedly a power rebound since 2013.  We can proudly say that we live up to the slogan on our banner – “A powerful comeback”. The success was achieved by meticulous effort of restructuring the whole team and the devotion of all coaches and team members. Congratulations!