Inter-school Athletics Competition 2018 (Boys Athletics Team)

Date: 09/03/2018

After 3 days of intense competition with the top-tiered schools in Hong Kong, our boys team accomplished another remarkable feat by securing the 3rd position in this year’s Inter-school Athletics Competition in Wanchai.


It was one of the nine times we have received the 2nd runner-up position in the last 11 years. Considering the fact that more and more schools are willing to put more effort and input into athletics training in Hong Kong, this impressive portfolio of boys athletics was written by the sweat of every single Hoi Ping athlete who was tough enough to sustain the hardest training.


Two brilliant successes should be mentioned here: our ‘A’ Grade won the third position again after many years of downturn and we got 263 marks in our overall score, which was 23 points more than last year’s total.


We move forward with measured steps, and every point gained is a measurement of our determination and solidarity.