Inter-school Fencing Competition

Date: 16/11/2014

The Inter-School Fencing Competition was held on 1, 2 and 16 November 2014. Our fencing team achieved excellent results. Our school joined the Boys Foil, Boys Epee, Girls Foil and Girls Epee in the competition. With aspiration and effort, the Boys Foil team beat the team from Diocesan Boys' School in the semi-final and eventually won the second place in foil. Together with the good results from Boys Epee, our boys team achieved the overall fourth this year. For girls team, we got the fourth place in foil.

In the individual competition, O Chun Yee (6D) got the third in Boys A Foil, Tse Yu Hin James (3D) got the third in Boys C Foil and Chiu Ying Wai (1A) got the third in Girls C Foil.

Congratulations to the winners!