S2 Young Talents Winning Their First Writing Prizes

Date: 30/05/2019

Three S2 students (2A Jennifer Cheng, Melody Lo & Agnes Tang) received recognition for their writing talents in the Magazines International Young Writers Award 2019.

Over 2000 students from 41 secondary schools in Hong Kong entered the competition. Junior students were required to write an article titled ‘I’m Happy When…’. In their award-winning masterpieces, Jennifer wrote about how her voluntary service experience inspired her to help others, Melody expressed her love for cooking, and Agnes described a wonderful friendship.

Judges commended on the essays’ ‘creative descriptions of people’ and ‘very good use’ of language ‘to help the reader understand and relate’ to the topic.

Writing competitions can definitely hone writing skills. Hoi Ping students, don’t shy away from these opportunities—let your inner thoughts be heard and write about them!