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2019 HKDSE Results

2019 HKDSE Results

Results of the HKDSE 2019 were issued on 10 July 2019, and our school statistics reflected students’ hard work and academic competence.

Of the 155 students who sat the HKDSE this year, 25.3% of Hoi Ping students attained level 5 or above; 67% level 4 or above; 92.2% level 3 or above; and 99.6% level 2 or above (territory-wide percentages were 13%, 37%, 62% and 85% respectively). Meanwhile, 85.8% reached the university minimum entrance requirement (33222).

Hoi Ping’s performance in the core subjects also surpassed the territory-wide statistics by a wide margin.

Students fared best in English as 73% achieved level 4 or above (26.2% of Hong Kong achieved the same level), followed by 78.1% in Mathematics (39.9% of Hong Kong), 65.8% in Liberal Studies (39.2% of Hong Kong), and last but not least, 51.6% in Chinese (29.6% of Hong Kong). These results are very encouraging to students and teachers alike.




6B Shing Chung Hin (Kevin)

Kevin’s stellar performance sets himself apart from his cohort: five 5**--or SIX, strictly speaking, as he achieved a 5** in Mathematics (M2).

Kevin has been a high achiever since young, having always secured the top three places in the whole form. What is his secret of success?

‘Your attitude matters the most,’ he humbly answered in the interview. ‘No matter when you attend school or tutorial classes, you learn the most when you have the right attitude.’

Even though this taciturn scholar didn’t speak much about his experience in the past year, one could tell he had devoted much of his time to everything and anything available to guarantee his DSE success, and indeed, the number of 5** he captured is self-evident.

Kevin has decided to pursue a degree in medicine since he thinks it’s a ‘meaningful vocation’ that would empower him to help a lot of people.



6B Leung Yu Pan (Gavin)

Gavin made sure his effort was invested in the right place when preparing for DSE.

He understood that teachers’ feedback was important after each past paper practice. ‘Even though it takes up much of your time and the practice could be taxing, it’s totally worth your time. It’s a precious learning experience.’

In addition, he would ensure his understanding of essential concepts early on because memorisation should not be the only way to study. This, according to Gavin, applies to all subjects.

With three 5** (Mathematics, Physics and Geography) under his belt, Gavin has set his sights on Dentistry as he believes that his keen attention to detail could be put to good use!



6B Leung Chung Yan (Kathy)

Kathy is a young woman who clearly knows what she wants.

Being a self-reliant learner, Kathy attended very few tutorial classes. ‘You have to know what works best for you; for me, I only attended Math tutorial lessons because they provided extra question formats to help me be fully prepared.’

She also studied with a few friends who shared the same goal—to achieve excellence in DSE. During the study leave, they would return to school every day and follow a strict regimen. ‘Discipline is important, and it’s really conducive to your learning when you study with good friends who share the same goals and values.’

Kathy successfully obtained two 5** (Mathematics and Physics).



6C Ko Yun Tung (Felix)

An all-round performer, Felix attained the Best Five score of 31, with a 5** in English Language.

When asked what contributed to his accomplishments, he responded with little hesitation that it was his training in English debates that motivated him to do well and inspired him to pursue a career in law.

‘Besides my language proficiency, it’s my background in debate that has trained my logical prowess, which can help me do my job very well,’ he explained.

Felix’s learning attitude is exemplary. He is keen on improving and learning from teachers’ feedback, which is particularly important for language subjects: he would make a list of mistakes he’d made and reminded himself to avoid them before every test and exam. As he said, ‘language learning is an accumulative process’ and surely one has to work hard at all times!



6E Lam Wai Chee (Jolie)

Change is never too late.

This was Jolie’s mantra in Form 6—she attributed her DSE success to working extra hard in the past year.

‘In Form 5, I committed most of my time to ECA duties. It was only in Form 6 did I realise the importance of doing past papers and catching up with lost time.’

And she did commit herself to DSE preparation in her final school year—going to school every day during study leave, just so she could consult her teachers immediately when she encountered challenging questions. With good foundational knowledge and the strong belief that she could make things happen, she eventually managed to capture two 5** (English Language and Geography).




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