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Principal’s Message - November 2021

Following is the speech by the Principal at the 45th Speech Day:


Dr Lee, Supervisor Sze-To, Directors, School Managers, Distinguished Guests, Parents, Teachers and Students,
I am very happy to announce that despite the pandemic and school suspension last year, the school grew in many areas - new projects were started, new facilities were unveiled, and our students made outstanding achievements both academically, and in many extra-curricular activities, and you can get a glimpse of all these in the  booklets placed on your seats. Now, I would like to take this opportunity to say a few words to our graduates, all I want you to remember are three words: faith, hope, and love. This phrase is from the Bible, 1 Corinthians 13: ‘And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.’
We need faith. You may not be religious, but you must have faith. Faith refers to what you believe in and hold on to. When you believe, your dream can become reality. Have you heard of the term, ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’? Believe you will succeed, and you will be able to achieve the impossible. Athletes win gold, inventors forge new ideas, and writers create timeless classics—all because they hold on to their beliefs. I believe there is a gift in everyone, and this gift can transform into remarkable deeds. Students, trust yourself and your potential; when you dream it, you do it.
Faith is built upon the foundation of hopefulness and aspiration, which is why the next word you should remember is hope. Do you feel hopeful about your future? Have you ever imagined your future workplace, job, and spouse? Hold on to your imagination and aspiration, because this is what propels you towards your goals. Imagine the delightful company of your friends after the pandemic, aspire to the freedom to build your life, family and career upon your graduation. With hopeful imagination, we find meaning in the present to make way for the future. The future’s not ours to see, but now is not the time to fear the change the future brings. Embrace change, change for the better, better the future, and the best is yet to come. Let bygones be bygones, seize the day, march forward, stay hopeful regardless of the obstacles in front of you. Live on, and you will live well.
If faith motivates and hope inspires, then love must be the source of it all. We keep living and aspiring because we love the people around us and the environment we live in. We are born to feel: we show compassion for the meek, we are deeply touched by remarkable feats of humanity, we respect our parents, we care for our brothers and sisters, we cherish our friends, and we love our planet. We give what we have because we want to do good for others, we want the world to be a better place—all because we have a heart that feels. Dr. Lee, our alumnus, is here today to share his experience with you; the mask you are wearing was designed by your Form 2 schoolmate; manufacturing this mask is another alumnus who graduated twenty years ago; yet another alumnus paid for all the masks and donated them to the school. Their contributions came from a love for Hoi Ping and a heart that cares. Dear graduates, I hope you love those around you, think less of what you can gain, and more of what you can give. Happiness won’t last if you only benefit yourself; real joy comes from sharing what you share, not owning what you own.
When we talk about love, you should think of your parents. Today we have over 150 parents attending the Speech day. So for the following, I would like all the graduates to stand up  請各位畢業生現在起立,身向右轉,向住你們的父母。各位同學,在你們眼前的,是含辛茹苦將你們養育成人的父母;不要嫌他們囉嗦,只是他們把重要的事說了超過3次;不要怪父母不給你自由,選擇自己的路,只是他們不忍心看見你走崎嶇的道;不要怪爸爸媽媽不明白你,只是他們用了自己的方式去愛你們;正正是你們的父母給了你們無比的大愛,成就了今天的你。請各位現在一同鼓掌,感謝你們的父母,他們值得你們用最熱烈的掌聲,表示答謝!各位畢業生,請坐。

Dear graduates, you are raised by love, and your applause is the answer to this love. Always remember, love is the greatest of them all, the source of your hopes and dreams, the foundation to your faith. Fear not change: where there is love, hope and faith, there is a way. I wish Hoi Ping and everyone all the best! May God bless you all, thank you!





今天是你們畢業的大日子,我很開心的宣佈,縱使面對疫情及停止面授課堂的影響,本校仍發展不斷。我們仍開展不同的計劃,又啟用各樣的設施,推動學生學習。而我們的同學更在去年表現出色,在學業及課外活動上有亮麗的成績,各位可以在場刊的學校報告中一瞥箇中的成果。今天我只希望各位畢業生記得三個字,信望及愛。信望愛是來自聖經哥林多前書第十三章:「 如今常存的有信、有望、有愛這三樣,其中最大的是愛。」