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Principal’s Message - September 2022

New Semester, New Page

On 1st September, we turn to a new page of your school life in Hoi Ping. The new school life starts with many new faces. Our new Student Activity Centre and new staff room are under construction. The Student Activity Centre will be renovated around Easter while the new staffroom will be ready after Christmas. The new bookshelves outside the staff rooms are installed for your convenience of handing in and taking back your exercise books. You may use the new intercom if you want to find your teachers. Room 211 was renovated and students can go in to play chess or do homework under the guidance of our new teaching assistant. Though plenty of accomplishments have been made, we have never stopped to improve and provide the best learning environment for our students. This year is the second year of our three-year development. New measures and initiatives will be launched to enhance your personal growth and the qualities of teaching and learning.

Major Concerns

Our first major concern is ‘enhancing life planning education and nurturing a culture of appreciation’. For the coming OLE lessons, we have invited distinguished speakers to share with you: a car racer, a bronze medalist who represented Hong Kong in the 2020 Paralympic Games, and an awardee of ‘Forbes 30 Under 30’, which includes a list of international young entrepreneurs with outstanding achievements. Besides the programmes in OLE and CTP, we will start a new round of alumni mentorship programme. We will partner with more outside organisations to hold mentorship and job shadowing programmes, as well as workplace visits.

As our timetable has been revised, with two consecutive periods forming an assembly, there will be more flexibility for us to invite guest speakers or organisations to come and hold activities. For example, we will hold a sharing session by a professional video gamer, and launch an anti-bullying card game and career exploration game. We will watch a film on inclusive education.

The second major concern is ‘nurturing a learning community by strengthening students’ learning skills and enhancing their learning motivation’. To enhance the effectiveness of learning, we will continue to revise the curriculum to focus more on the skills to master the learning content. A school-based curriculum for Chinese, English and Mathematics has been revised and it will move up to S2 this year.

To make good use of the Study Room, we encourage students to organise study groups frequently. Please go and take advantage of the studious atmosphere there! Senior form students will share with you about time management, memory skills, preparation for tests and exams, and self-management including how to organise your notes and keep your school supplies in an orderly manner.

Moreover, this year, a new subject called Technology and Living will be introduced. Smart home technology has been around for years but very few of us have given it a try. “How many of you can turn on the light with your voice at home?” I glanced at the teaching topics and they are fascinating: the application of technology in home decoration and repair, home monitoring and control, and virtual home tour. This subject is offered to S2 students at the moment.


Let Our Students Shine   

Hoi Ping is not just a learning community, but also a stage for our students to shine. In the new school term, we will continue to uphold the idea of ‘letting our students shine’. We will try our very best to unleash your potential by providing opportunities to show respect and recognition of your talents. You may be invited or you can volunteer as the master of ceremony, the speaker of a sharing session, the announcer of the Morning Assembly, and join as a Hoi Ping Ambassador in the coming school term. Let me reinstate the Hoi Ping’s Core Values to you. Everyone is uniquely gifted; our school strives to provide opportunities for students to actualise their potential and develop their talents so that they can shine. With student-centred education as our chief mission, we prioritise students’ growth needs and promote whole person development. We organise diverse activities and learning experiences to widen students’ exposure; we nurture future leaders who actively try, experiment, and share; we groom youngsters who are ready to serve our society and country. Morality is at the forefront of our school motto. For students to set good examples for one another, our school expects them to be cultivated, well-mannered, and solicitous about the community. We are committed to nurturing scholars whose curiosity drives them to learn proactively, whose passion motivates them to enrich their knowledge. Physical and emotional well-being lays the solid foundation for a purpose-driven life; therefore, we aim at promoting physical wellness and aesthetic appreciation in our education, which are vital to students’ balanced growth. Attitude determines altitude and the goals one can achieve; we firmly believe that students who are diligent and driven will be able to scale great heights in their future.





In the coming school term, prefects, committee members of the Students’ Union and all student leaders will be empowered and given more chances to practise their leading roles in different areas. We want to co-create a community with all of you with your ideas, your suggestions and your participation. For example, I have just received the application from the committee members of the Students’ Union for the reallocation of the Students’ Union Room. We will invite the student representatives to have meetings and discussions on the new venue and design of the new site. As we believe every one of you is endowed with different talents, we would like to dig them out and give you the opportunity to shine. This is my vision of education and I sincerely hope that you will seize the chance once invited. 


Appreciation For S6 Graduates in the DSE

Hoi Ping is a place filled with blessings. I would like to show our appreciation for the S6 students of the previous year. With their concerted efforts, our students achieved impressive results despite the challenges posed by COVID-19.

The percentages of students attaining level 5+ and level 4+ are satisfactory. 18 students scored 28 points or above, with 12 of them scoring 30 points or above. Among our high achievers, three of them got offers from medical programmes, two from dental programmes, one of them has been accepted into a pharmacy programme, and another student will read law. What delights us the most is they have chosen what they like for their further studies and pursue their dreams.

As for JUPAS offers, we see a beautiful picture. Among the eight universities, the Chinese University of Hong Kong is the most popular one among Hoi Ping graduates, followed by the University of Hong Kong and University of Science and Technology. Over 40% of our graduates were admitted to the three most prestigious universities in Hong Kong. Their determination and resilience in their studies during the pandemic are good qualities we can learn from. If you trust you can, you can. I hope their experiences can bolster your confidence to stay tough. 


Words of Encouragement

We have been facing overwhelming challenges and uncertainties in the previous years. I have faith that every Hoi Ping student will continue to overcome all hardships in the coming school term. 2023 marks the 50th anniversary of Hoi Ping. We will launch different celebration activities, carry the good fame of our school with pride, and uphold the rich traditions that have been passed on for generations. Together as a family, we will grow faster, go higher, and stay stronger, because we all stand together. We will carry on the Hoi Ping spirit and move on. Lastly, I wish you all a fruitful and enjoyable school year!