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STEM Education

Aims of STEM education

  • To develop students' understanding and enhance their interests in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics for further studies and careers in meeting the changes and challenges in the world
  • To strengthen students' ability to integrate and apply related knowledge and skills through participating in different activities and competitions
  • To nurture students' innovation, collaboration and problem-solving skills in competitions. It also helps them build up entrepreneurial spirit.


Ways to cultivate a STEM spirit in our school

  • Nominate students to participate in different STEM competitions. 
  • Implement curriculum about programming and robotics in the subject "STEM and IT".
  • Design and implement a school-based curriculum "Technology and Living" to integrate technology into daily life.
  • Provide extra lessons to the gifted students to learn advanced programming and STEM skills.

STEM achievement

        In response to the STEM education advocated by the Education Bureau, our school has been sparing no pain to promote all-round development in the corresponding subjects. New STEM equipment, namely, 3D printers, laser cutter, and robots, are set up to enrich students’ learning experience. Our students are also encouraged to actively partake in different competitions and activities to apply and showcase their STEM knowledge. This year, our students have won three prizes from the competition "Open Data Hackathon 2022", namely Second Prize, Third Prize, and Best Innovative Award. Besides, we won two prizes from the competition "COSMO 2022" and  two prizes from the competition "HK GreenMech Contest 2022". These awards are deemed significant on our path to successful STEM education.