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S5 Environmental Conservation Study Tour to Heyuan

Date: 17/05/2024

From 17th to 18th May 2024, our S5 students embarked on an educational study tour focused on environmental conservation in the city of Heyuan. This two-day trip provided valuable opportunities for our students to directly observe and learn about important environmental initiatives and infrastructure in the region.

The program began with a visit to Wanlu Lake, a picturesque natural area serving as an important wetland ecosystem. Students then explored the Jinghuayuan Ecological Tourism Vacation Scenic Area and its sustainably-designed greenspaces. They also toured Heyuan's wastewater treatment plant and the Xinfengjiang Hydropower Station, gaining insights into the city's efforts to purify water, generate renewable energy, and minimise environmental impact. Throughout the tour, students engaged with local experts and were inspired to continue exploring ways they can contribute to the country’s environmental development and sustainability.

The Heyuan Environmental Conservation Study Tour was an incredibly meaningful and eye-opening experience that has equipped our S5 students with valuable knowledge, a deeper appreciation for environmental stewardship, as well as a stronger sense of national identity.