The Counselling Committee not only provides individual counselling services for the students in need, it also organizes preventive and developmental activities such as stress management talks, sex educational talks, S1 Growth Camp and S2 Day Camp to create a positive and caring school environment. In order to foster a supportive culture, the Peer Tutor Scheme is implemented, in which senior form students help S1 students to develop various skills and positive attitudes to face challenges in the new school life. Besides, the Pupil Ambassador Scheme is held not only to nurture the participants’ positive values for a healthy life, but also to enhance their development of personal, social and problem-solving skills. Both peer tutors and pupil ambassadors play an important role in promoting and delivering positive messages in school. 


To promote parent-school cooperation and communication, various parents’ sharing sessions are jointly organised by the committee and the Parent-Teacher Association. Parents are led by our social workers and counselling teachers to share their experience and support each other during their gatherings.