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2022 HKDSE Results

Sustaining Academic Brilliance in HKDSE 2022

During the HKDSE period, the pandemic was wreaking havoc in Hong Kong and bringing with it many uncertainties that could have seriously affected candidates’ study plans; however, Hoi Ping students still delivered delightful performances this year.

This year, among the 127 Hoi Ping candidates, 27.8% of them achieved level 5 or above in all subjects and 63.9% level 4 or above, whereas the territory statistics are 13% and 35.6% respectively. Also worth mentioning is that 18 students scored 28 and above, 12 of them even scored 30 and above. We are pleased that 87.6% of Hoi Ping students attained the 33222 university entrance minimum requirement, which has surpassed the territory-wide statistic (36.7%) by a wide margin.






Interviews with students


S6B Lam Ho Ting (Kathy)

Kathy has taken home three 5** in the HKDSE, one in Mathematics (core part), one in Mathematics M2 and the other in ICT. She sets her sights on HKU Dentistry as she has developed an interest in oral healthcare.

When asked how she would describe her exam experience, Kathy highlights the importance of a support network. She is grateful for having friends who were willing to study together, so she would feel less alone and it was good to know there was someone being in the same boat. She also thanks her family for their unwavering support during the exam; even though they could not offer much study advice, they were always ready to listen to her, trying to understand her troubles.

Since peer support is important to Kathy, she suggests that students take advantage of technology. When preparing for writing assignments, for example, she would set up shared documents with friends online so they could exchange ideas and point out what was lacking in each other’s ideas.



S6B Choi Yat Long (Scott)

Scott has bagged three 5** in Mathematics (core part), Economics, and Physics. With a strong background in maths, he would like to study Quantitative Finance at university.

Due to his interest in maths, Scott opted for Mathematics M2 (Extended Part Module 2) as an elective. His advice for Hoi Ping students who are not sure about taking M2 is that it has helped him understand plenty of mathematical concepts, so they need not feel put off by the prospect of studying an extra elective.

For exam preparation, Scott recommends that students have enough sleep and exercise. These habits helped him relieve stress during the DSE--he ensured he had at least six to seven hours of sleep, and the results were obvious.



S6A Lo Siu Yeung (Cindy)

Cindy scored two 5**, one in Chinese and one in Liberal Studies; with her impressive results, she aims at HKU’s double degree programme, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws.

To many candidates, the Chinese exam could be challenging. For Cindy, to prepare for it, she made consistent effort in senior secondary so that she could reap the accumulated benefits right before the DSE: jotting notes, forming study groups, and maintaining a favourable environment for revision. She also trained herself to be sensitive to ideas which could serve as exam contents in her daily life, like gathering examples in social media to enrich her writing.

Cindy stresses the importance of learning as a community: she would feel encouraged and learn a lot from friends even when tackling a subject she didn’t like. Therefore, she was able to climb the academic ladder and improved her results!



S6B Wong Chiu Ming (Kenny)

Kenny maintained a high level of performance in all DSE subjects, attaining one 5** in Liberal Studies and 5* in six other subjects. He aspires to become a teacher and would like to enrol in a Chinese Education programme due to his passion for Chinese culture.

Kenny’s meticulous personality explains his good performance in the DSE, such as good inventory keeping. He organised past papers not by year but by topic, so it would be easy to make connections between chapters. He suggests that students start working on internal mock exam papers in December, so they can have enough time to work on mock papers from other sources during the study leave.

When recalling his exam experience, Kenny adds that he used to rely a lot on examples in Chinese writing assignments, but in the DSE, he could not do so because of the question’s nature. More important is to display your elaboration and writing techniques in order to stand out from the crowd!



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