Platform for Students' IT support

Aims of e-learning

  • To enhance learning and teaching effectiveness by encouraging students to make good use of e-learning resources
  • To enhance the use of IT environment by providing mobile devices and e-platform (such as Google Classroom)
  • To encourage students to apply IT skills to investigate, present, build and share knowledge 
  • To develop students' creativity, collaboration skills, problem-solving skills and self-learning skills by making learning videos for flipped classroom in junior computer literacy curriculum


Ways to enhance e-learning in our school

  • iPads are available for use in the lessons.
  • Teachers attend professional training workshops on e-learning.
  • e-Platform (Google Classroom) is used as flipped classrooms.
  • Students have been taught how to create learning videos in computer literacy lessons.

Platform for Teachers' E-resources

Useful Links

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Google Classrooms for e-Learning