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2023 HKDSE Results

Hoi Ping’s Golden Anniversary Cohort Reach Historic Heights


For most HKDSE candidates, their schooling had been heavily impacted by the pandemic in recent years, but Hoi Ping students remained resilient and maintained their focus on the exam. Because of their consistent effort and unwavering focus on their goals, Hoi Ping students have reached a historic high this year, delivering a bumper harvest to celebrate our school’s 50th anniversary.


Among all exam sitters of our school, 32.8% captured level 5+ in all subjects and 72.5% level 4+; these statistics are a record high in our school since the commencement of the HKDSE. Equally pleasing is that 91.2% students satisfied the university entrance minimum requirement (33222), which is also one of the highest records in recent years and far surpasses the territory statistic (36.5%). As the whole school delivers stellar performances, 24 in particular will punch the air with glee—they scored 27 or above in HKDSE 2023, making them eligible candidates for a wide range of university programmes.



Interviews with high flyers


S6B Leung Yu Fung (Jeffrey)

Solid Foundation at a Young Age


Jeffrey attained four 5** in 2023 DSE. Attaining such brilliant results, Jeffrey believes that it is closely related to his keen interest in Mathematics and science subjects. He established a solid academic foundation in junior secondary. After setting his own goal and improving steadily, with his effort made during the study leave, he bagged all the stars he deserved.


Mentioning the challenging Core Mathematics paper this year, Jeffrey points out that the key to success is staying calm and not panicking when facing the difficult questions. He emphasises that we should learn to relax and not to be afraid of trying. Having a positive mindset is also important to prepare for the exams that follow so that you will never let stress affect your performance.


Jeffrey would like to study in the International Research Enrichment programme in UST due to his passion for science. He thinks that his passion is his greatest motivation for learning. Thus, he would like to encourage Hoi Ping students to focus on their interests, pursue their dreams and stay true to themselves.


S6B Cheng Wing Ying (Jennifer)

Enjoy The Process


Jennifer attained three 5**: one in Chinese Language, one in Liberal Studies and one in Economics. Passionate about justice, Jennifer is determined to pursue a place in HKU BBA (Law) & LLB. She hopes that she could apply her logical thinking skills to her future studies.


Regarding her preparation for the Chinese DSE, Jennifer pointed out that writing is connected to daily life. She made a lot of observations in order to be inspired. She also suggested that the inspiration of the writing came from the prescribed passages in the syllabus. Jennifer also recommended that Hoi Ping students find things they enjoy in the writing process, so as to cultivate their interests in both writing and creating.


Although preparing for the DSE was stressful, Jennifer encourages Hoi Ping students to just try their best regardless of results. No matter how the results turned out, they should still be confident as marks should not define a person. Whether something good or bad happens, when one puts their attention on the right things, one could remain unperturbed. Jennifer hopes that while Hoi Ping students prepare for their exam, they can enjoy the process, fight for their future and create a valuable experience.


S6B Lo Wai Yan (Carmen)

Pick Up Where You Left Off


Lo Wai Yan Carmen attained two 5**: one in Liberal Studies and another in Economics. She also captured and 5* in five subjects. 


Having achieved such outstanding results, Carmen definitely had her unique way to succeed in the DSE. Carmen insisted on sleeping eight hours every night to gain sufficient sleep. That way, she could efficiently revise in the daytime. Moreover, Carmen treated past papers as precious resources because she could look for patterns in certain types of questions, familiarise herself with the requirements of the questions, and analyse the logical flow of her own answers. She would also note down her mistakes in an error log to ensure that she would not make the same mistakes again. 


During the pandemic, Carmen had her moment of weakness. Instead of revising, she often played video games. However, in Form 6, a realisation struck her - she needed to put in real effort to get into her desired university degree. In order to compensate for ‘a lack of natural talent’, she worked harder than before.


When feeling stressed, Carmen would relax at the seaside for a few hours and listen to music. It would help her set aside her stress and studies and motivate her to continue studying later on.


Carmen plans to pursue a place in CUHK Biomedical Science as she has a strong passion in science, especially biology. She also likes to conduct scientific research.


S6B Cheung Hei Ching (Chloe)

The DSE Marathon: Steady Wins the Race


Chloe attained 5** in English and 5* in five subjects. Chloe highlighted the importance of a good attitude towards the DSE. The key point is having good planning on studying, and striking a balance between learning and relaxation.


Chloe’s effort to improve her English explained her excellent results. Chloe participated in various English-related activities at school, such as English debate and public speaking competitions. These trained Chloe’s writing and speaking skills, which benefited her exam performance. To enrich her knowledge of English usage and vocabulary, Chloe listened to music and watched films in English in daily life. Furthermore, Chloe would listen to podcasts so as to get in touch with diverse English accents and daily English, which could hardly be picked up in textbooks.


‘DSE is a marathon, not a sprint,’ Chloe added. She believes that preparing for the public exam earlier, instead of revising in a rush when DSE is imminent, can definitely benefit the exam performance. 


Chloe has set her sights on CUHK medicine as she has developed an interest in biology and healthcare. Also, she likes challenges, and believes she will thrive in the medical field’s ever-changing working environment.


Interviews conducted by: 4E Chow Tsz Fung, 4E Lo Chi Kit, 5A Wong Hui Yin, 5C Lee Tsz Lok




2023 中學文憑試學生成績綜合匯報

成績闖高峰 金禧顯輝煌








中六乙 梁裕豐







中六乙 鄭穎瑩




備戰文憑試固然令人倍感壓力,但鄭同學鼓勵學弟妹,凡事盡力做到最好之後,則不要介懷結果,無論成績如何,都要肯定自己,不要以分數高低來定義自己。她更引用蘇軾 《定風波》詞句「回首向來蕭瑟處,歸去,也無風雨也無晴。」,寄語學弟妹在備試期間應享受其中,努力奮鬥過後便安於天命,創造屬於自己的一段珍貴經歷。


中六乙 勞慧欣







中六乙 張熹晴