In 1968, the Hoi Ping Chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong was granted a site at Shek Ku Street in Ho Man Tin to build our school campus. Our school sponsoring body, the Hoi Ping Chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong, founded our school in 1973. Since its establishment, Hoi Ping has been an aided, co-educational and English-medium school that seeks to offer an all-round education to students. We lay emphasis on personal growth,  simplicity in lifestyle, communication and harmonious teacher-student relationships.


Before the construction of the new wing, most classrooms were located on the first to the fourth floors of the five-storey building. In 2005, the seven-storey Lee Quo-Wei Building was completed. From that time onwards, the school has offered an improved learning environment to students. The corner-stone, at the main entrance, is a significant part of the campus, and proudly celebrates the foundation of our school.


Mr. Lee Quo Wei, a member of the Board of Directors of the Hang Seng Bank, was the first Supervisor of our school. The first principal, Mr. Fong Nai Ching, and the first vice-principal, Mr. Hon Kam Sun (later our school’s second principal) contributed greatly to the establishment of our school, together with Mr. Lei Kwok Kit, the Prefect of Studies (later our school’s third principal) and our school’s fourth principal, Mr. Wong Kin Chung. In 2012, with the New Academic Structure implemented, Hong Kong education underwent many changes, and Hoi Ping maintained its tradition of excellence under the leadership of the fifth principal, Ms. Wan Mei Yuk. During her tenure, plans to establish the STEM Maker Lab and Fitness Centre were initiated and have now come to fruition. Students can enjoy a learning environment with updated, state-of-the-art facilities.


We are celebrating Hoi Ping’s 50th anniversary in 2023. This is a historic junction where the entire school rejoices in Hoi Ping’s brilliance, but we rest on no laurels. Now, Hoi Ping is entering a new era with our sixth principal, Mr. Chen Tak Nam, pioneering major school improvement works: the Study Room provides a space for students to pursue their academic goals; the staffroom on the first floor has been relocated to make way for the Student Activity Centre; and the canteen is renovated so that with a much more flexible spatial arrangement, it can turn into a space for students to partake in a diverse range of activities. Together with other recent additions to our campus, they enhance the quality of our education and create a fruitful school life for our students.