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2016 HKDSE Results

2016 HKDSE Exam Results Report


Hoi Ping students have brought home the most outstanding results in five years in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE).



Our statistics have been on the rise since the first HKDSE. In 2016, they have soared to an unprecedented height: 30.3% of Hoi Ping students obtained level 5 or above, a 10% increase compared to 2012. The percentage of students obtaining level 4 or above is 70.6%, which is a huge leap from 55.3% in 2012. The percentages of level 3 or above and level 2 or above are 95.5% and 99.5% respectively. 92% have attained the university entrance minimum requirement (33222). Comparing our school’s results with the rest of the HKDSE candidates’, Hoi Ping students fared much better, especially in the following aspects: 74.5% of our students scored 19 or above in their best five subjects, while 43.5% of them scored 22 or above. The percentages of Hong Kong candidates achieving the same results are 27.5% and 15.7% respectively.



This year’s HKDSE result release day was a victorious moment for many Hoi Ping students as the overall performance of the whole Secondary 6 has reached a record high. There are also a number of students who did extremely well. Ng Hiu Lam (6B) takes the lead with a total score of 35, having obtained 5** in five subjects. See Hiu Wah, Wong Chun Ho and Mak Pak Ho, also from 6B, gained three 5**. Gifted in languages, So Wing Yi (6A) obtained two 5** in Chinese and English. These students’ consistent academic performance and diligence in school helped them secure the highest accolades in the HKDSE. A special mention should be given to Ko Kit Yan from Class 6D. Diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus (also simply known as lupus), she was absent from some school days and the entire mock exam; not giving up, Ko invested her utmost effort in studies while fighting with illness. In the HKDSE, she sat all exams and obtained satisfactory results: one level 5*, two level 5 and one level 4.




Congratulations to all students who did well in the HKDSE!




Outstanding Students