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Food Waste Campaign at Hoi Ping

Date: 15/05/2024

Emphasising the urgent need to tackle the staggering amount of food waste generated in Hong Kong, the Environmental Protection Club launched a food waste campaign to reduce leftovers. During the one-month campaign, food waste from students were collected during lunchtime, which were then taken to a Smart Food Waste Recycling Bin. By promoting a culture of responsibility and sustainability on campus, we hope that students will be more environmentally conscious.


Interested in environmental protection issues, 14 students visited O · PARK1 in Sunny Bay on 17th May. In the tour, they watched interactive videos about the facilities in O · PARK1 and learned about how food wastes are processed into electricity and fertilizer through anaerobic digestion using advanced technology. It was an insightful experience that inspired students to learn further beyond the classroom. Although O · PARK1 facilities are useful and able to recycle waste, it is important for us to reduce food waste!